Zhong, Nan

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Sustainable Development, Columbia University




Office Hours:Monday 10-12am

Biography Research Papers Research Projects

Assistant Professor at School of Economics & Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE), Xiamen University, September 2015-

2015(expected) Ph.D. Sustainable Development Columbia University
2013 M.Phil. Sustainable Development Columbia University
2012 M.A. Sustainable Development ColumbiaUniversity
2009 B.E. Environmental Science and Engineering Tsinghua University
2009 B.A. Economics Tsinghua University

Environmental Economics,Health and Education

"Traffic Congestion, Ambient Air Pollution, and Health: Evidence from Driving Restrictions in Beijing." (with Jing Cao and Yuzhu Wang). Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists, 2017, 4(3):821-856.
"Local pollutants go global: The impacts of intercontinental air pollution from China on air quality and morbidity in California." (with Nicole Ngo and Xiaojia Bao). Environmental Research, 2018, 165:473-483.
"The effects of transboundary air pollution following major events in China on air quality in the U.S.: Evidence from Chinese New Year and sandstorms." (with Nicole Ngo and Xiaojia Bao). Journal of Environmental Management, 2018, 212: 169-175.