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Yinggang Zhou is currently a Professor of Finance at Department of Finance at School of Economics, and Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE), Xiamen University. He is also the associate director of WISE and executive director of Fubon Research Center for Cross-Strait Finance and Industry, Xiamen University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from both Xiamen University in 2001 and Cornell University in 2007. He is awarded Chueng Kong Scholarship by Ministry of Education of China in 2015.
His research interests focus on investments, international finance and real estate. He has published in top ranked business and real estate journals, such as Management Science, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Emprirical Finance, Journal of Futures Markets, Journal of International Money and Finance, Real Estate Economics, and Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. His research has won the best paper awards of Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives, European Financial Management Associate and Global Chinese Real Estate Congress, and won Chicago Quantitative Alliance Asia (CQAsia) academic competition. His work has also been featured in policy publications/reports and newspaper coverage by Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and so on.
He was a visiting research fellow at Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Before he joined XMU, he worked in the business school of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Before CUHK, he was with Black Greek Global Advisors, a US-based fund management company, where he has managed global asset allocation in real estate securities.
? Selected Publications (In English)
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