Wang, Luhang

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Associate Professor of Economics, WISE and SOE, Xiamen University, China, August 2018-present
Assistant Professor of Economics, WISE and SOE, Xiamen University, China, 
2012- July 2018
Ph.D., Economics, University of Toronto, 2013
Chinese Economy, International Trade, Applied Microeconomics 
Advanced Microeconomics 1 (graduate), International Trade (undergraduate)

1.  The Impact of Foreign Bank Entry on Domestic Firm Performance: The Case of China, with Tat-kei Lai and Zhenjie Qian, accepted, Journal of Comparative Economics

2. WTO Accession and Firm-level Productivity in Chinese Manufacturing, with Loren Brandt, Johannes van Biesebroeck and Yifan Zhang, r&r, American Economic Review

3. Sell Deep? Sell Wide? Or Both. Perceived Quality and Product Scope of Chinese Exporters of Electrical Products, 
working paper 

4. Tax Reform, Local Resources and Village Leader Elections in Rural China, working paper

5. Financial Market Friction, Capital-skill Complementarity and Skill Premium in China, with Jay Cao and Tat-kei Lai, 
in progress