Zhang, Yu

Associate Professor

Ph. D. in Economics, Cornell University, 2012.

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Office Hours:Monday 2pm-4pm

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Research Interests: Macro and Monetary Economics



  • Systemic Risk Measures and Distribution Forecasting of Macroeconomic Shocks, (with Guojin Chen and Yanzhen Liu), International Review of Economics and Finance, 75( 2021)  pp.178-196.
  • Can Systemic Risk Measures Predict Economic Shocks? Evidence from China, (with Guojin Chen and Yanzhen Liu), China Economic Review, 64 (2020): 101557.  
  • Systemic Risk Measures and Macroeconomy Forecasting: Based on FQGLS Estimation with Structural Break, (with Guojin Chen and Yanzhen Liu), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, (2020) pp. 1-17. 
  • Bank Runs: The Pre-Deposit Game, (with Karl Shell), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 24 (2020), pp. 403-420.
  • On Sunspots, Bank Runs, and Glass-Steagall, (with Karl Shell), International Journal of Economic Theory, 15 (2019) pp.13-25.
  • Asset Price Volatility and Banks, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 71 (2017) pp. 96-103.
  • Asset Price Risk, Banks and Markets, Finance Research Letters, 21 (2017) pp. 21-25.


Articles in Chinese

  • 我国银行体系的系统性关联度分析:基于不对称CoVaR, 陈国进,钟灵,张宇(通讯作者),系统工程理论与实践,2017,37(1):61-79.


Working Papers

  • The Diamond-Dybvig Revolution: Extensions Based on the Original DD Environment, (with Karl Shell)
  • 策略互补、银行间协调失灵与定向降准政策有效性, 张宇,郭晔