Li, Dongxu

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Finance, The Ohio State University


Office:Room B-114

Office Hours:10:30-11:30; 14:30-15:30, Wednesday

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Working Experience:
Assistant Professor at Department of Finance, School of Economics and Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics,  Xiamen University, September 2020-



Ph.D. in Finance, The Ohio State University, USA, 2020.


Research Interests:
Empirical Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Chinese Enterprises


【RA Recruitment on a Rolling Basis】

(Note: This position is exclusively open for XMU students)


- Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to:

     1. Develop a research career (become a decent professor in China or abroad)

     2. Be proud of your graduation thesis

     3. Practice how to get along with your boss while you are still at school

     4. Earn some allowances to pay for your online shopping


- To be qualified as my RA, you do NOT have to:

     1. Know how to take first-order partial derivatives

     2. Achieve ridiculously high GPA

     3. Pretend you are such a workahlic that you never eat or sleep


- However, you are indeed more appreciated if you are:

     1. Familiar with Stata, or Python, or any other programming languages

     2. Happy about staying with yourself and learning by doing


- To be my RA, it is a MUST that you are: HONEST, CAREFUL and DILIGENT!


If you believe you are the one, come!


I am right here waiting!

Institutional Ownership and Private Equity Placements: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms. [J] International Review of Finance, 2019, 19(2): 315-346. (With Qing He, Liping Lu, and Terence Tai Leung).


State Common Ownership and Banks' Governance Role: Evidence from CEO Turnovers in China [J] Journal of Corporate Finance, Revise & Resubmit. (With Qing He, Liping Lu, and Jiyuan Huang).


Horizontal Mergers, Investments and Industry Evolution. Working paper. (Job Market Paper)      

Presentations: The Ohio State University (2019); Cornerstone Research (2019); McMaster University (2019); Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics & Finance, Renmin University of China (2019); Wang Yanan Institutute for Studies in Economics, Xiamen University (2020) ; School of Business, Renmin University of China (2020); CEMFS, Hunan University (2020).


Does Acquisition Trigger Follow-up Acquisitions? The Role of Financial Constraints. Working paper. (sole author)

Presentations: ?The Ohio State University (2020); Wang Yanan Institutute for Studies in Economics, Xiamen University (2020) ; ?School of Management, Fudan University (2020).