Geng, Sen

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, New York University, 2011



Office Hours:Thursday 2:30 pm-4:30 pm

Biography Research Papers Research Projects

New York University, Economics, Ph.D., 2011
Wuhan University, Economics, MA, 2006.
Wuhan University, Economics, BA, 2003.
Wuhan University, Mathematics, BS, 2003.

Current Position
Xiamen University, the Wang Yanan Institue for Studies in Economics, Assistant Professor, 2011-present.

Research Fields
Primary fields: Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theory

Secondary fields: Behavioral Economics


1.Sen Geng, Erkut Ozbay, "Shortlisting procedure with a limited capacity", Journal of Mathematical Economics,


2. Sen Geng, Decision time, consideration time, and status quo bias”, Economics Inquiry,54(1), 2016, 433-449


3.  Sen Geng, Yujia Peng, Jason Shachat, Huizhen Zhong, “Adolescents, cognitive ability, and minimax play”, Economics Letters, 128201554-58


4. Yongmiao Hong, Ying Fang, Haiqiang Chen, Qingliang Fan, Sen Geng, Yun Wang, “New advances in econometrics and experimental economics”, China Economic Studies, 2, 2016, 126-136


Working Papers
1. Trustworthy by design, with Menglong Guan, submitted.

Latest version:


2. How many is too many, with Erkut Ozbay. URL:

3. Belief error and non-Bayesian social learning: experimental evidence, with Bogachan Celen and Huihui Li. URL:

4. Optimal Search with a Default Option.

5. An Alternative Mechanism for Eliciting Probability Distribution, with Natalia Shestakova.

  ·         An investigation of the impact of costly information acquisition on herd behavior and diffusion of innovations: China’s NSF, January 2018-December 2020

·         An investigation of the trust behavior of individual investors in the setting of internet finance: Fujian Province NSF,  April 2017-March 2020

·         An experimental investigation of direct information and indirect information in economic decisions, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,  January 2016-December 2018 

·         Informational value in the social learning environment, Fujian Province NSF,  January 2013-December 2015

·         An investigation of search-based status quo bias: the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry, October 2014