Li, Zhi

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Washington


Email:zhili "at"


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Biography Research Papers Research Projects

Assistant Professor at School of Economics & Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE), Xiamen University, September 2015-

University of Washington Ph.D. in Economics, June 2015
DISSERTATION: Private Provision of Public Goods: Uniform Price Mechanisms with a Threshold
and Dynamics with a Tipping Point
University of Rhode Island M.S. (Ph.D. ABD) in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, 2011
Peking University M.S. in Environmental Planning and Management, 2008
THESIS: Study on Preference Uncertainty in Contingent Valuation
Peking University B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, 2004.


Resource and Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Experimental Economics, Game Theory


Microeconomcs (undergraduate, graduate), Resource Economics, Experimental Economics


Courses Taught (all in English)

Microeconomics (Intermediate level): 2016-now, spring semester

Advanced Micro I (graduate level): 2015-2019, fall semester

Advanced Micro II (graduate level): 2020-now, spring semester


Li, Z., Lin, P., Kong, S., Wang, D. and Duffy, J. (2021), Conducting Large, Repeated, Multi-Game Economic Experiments using Mobile Platforms, PLoS ONE, 16(4): e02250668.

Li, G., Zhao, Y., Deng, G., Li, Z. (2018). The Households’ Willingness to Pay for Hanjiang-to-Weihe River Valley Water Diversion Project. Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University (Social Sciences), 38 (2). (In Chinese)

Li, Z., Anderson, C.M., and Swallow, S.K. (2016), Uniform Price Mechanisms for Threshold Public Goods Provision with Complete Information: An Experimental Investigation, Journal of Public Economics, 144: 14-26.

Li, Z., (2009), Comparing Multiple Bounded Discrete Choice Approach with Stochastic Payment Card and Open Ended Approaches: Results from a Survey of WTP for Air Quality Improvement in Beijing, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 38 (2): 281. (Abstract)

Li, Z. and Ho, Y. (2008), Use of Citation per Publication as an Indicator to Evaluate Contingent Valuation Research, Scientometrics, 75 (1): 97-110.


Working Papers

Liu, P., Li, Z., and Swallow, S.K., Applying Assurance Contracts to Support Public Goods in Environmental Markets: Evidence from Lab and Pilot Field Experiments. (R&R at ERE)

Li, Z., Liu, P., and Swallow, S.K., The Performance of Multi-Type Credit Trading Markets: Lab Experiment Evidence. (R&R at JEEM)

Li, Z., and Liu, P., Assurance Payments on the Coordination of Threshold Public Goods Provision.  (under review)

Li, Z., Brown, G., Kohlin, G., Akpalu, W. and Ragozin, D., Variable Forest Rotation Times with Leaves Swept and Carbon Credits. 

Li, Z., Anderson, C.M., and Swallow, S.K., Alternative Cost Sharing Mechanisms for the Provision of Non-Excludable Threshold Public Goods: An Experimental Investigation.

Li, Z. and Lv, J., Exploitation-free Rebate Mechanism in Finite Threshold Public Goods Games. 

Fu, R. and Li, Z., Alternative assurance payment schemes in threshold public goods provision: An experimental investigation.

An, Y., Li, Z., and Liu, P., Assurance Contracts in Threshold Public Goods Provision with Incomplete Information. 

Li, Z. and Anderson, C.M., Durable Public Goods Games: An Optimal Control Approach.

Li, Z. and Lv, J., On the Evolutionary Stability of Cooperation in Threshold Public Goods Games with Refund and Rebate Rules

NSF of China, Incentive mechanisms and behaviors on promoting cooperation in climate change agreements: Game theory and economic experiments based on threshold public goods provision, PI