Liao, Mouhua

Assistant Professor

Phone:86 0592 2186695


Office Hours:Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-11:30AM

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Current Position
Assistant Professor, WISE&SOE at Xiamen University, China

Research interests
Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Economy Growth, China Economy

Ph.D., Economics, the Pennsylvania State University, June 2012.
M.A., Economics, Peking University, June 2007.
B.S., Mathematics, Jinan University, June 2000.
B.A., Economics, Jinan University, June 1999.

A Market Game with Symmetric Limit Orders, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Volume 64, May 2016, Pages 66–76. 

Working Papers
1. Periodic, Complete-participation Trade in the Lagos-Rocheteau Model.
2. Competition within and across Search Routes in a Labor Market.
3. Fixed Cost, Technology Transfer and Growth (with Justin Yifu Lin).
4. Heavy Industry Priority and the Institution Formation of Centrally Planned Economy  (in Chinese, with Justin Yifu Lin). 
5. China’s Economic Reforms and Factor Price Dynamics, Joint with Vipul Bhatt and Min Qiang Zhao.