Hsueh, Shao-Chieh

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, Texas A & M University




Office Hours:Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00

Biography Research Papers Research Projects

Working Experience
January 2015 - present, Assistant Professor, School of Economics & Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE), Xiamen Unviersity
September 2011 - January 2015, Associate Professor, School of Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Ph.D. Economics, Texas A&M University, 2006-2011
B.S. Economics, National Taipei University, 1997-2001

Research Interests
Major Field: Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design, Auction Theory,
Minor Field: Public Economics, Industrial Organization

Research Papers:

1. Protective equipment and health education program could benefit students from dust pollution,with Yi-Chen Chiang, Xian Li, Chun-Yang Lee, Jia Rui, Chiung-Wen Hu, Hao-Jan Yang, Szu-Chieh Chen, Tianmu Chen, Yanhua Su, and Chung-Yih Kuo, Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health,2020. DOI:10.1007/s11869-020-00942-3

2. Does Formal Financial Development Crowd in Informal Financing? Evidence from Chinese Private Enterprises with Liming Hou and Shuoxun Zhang, Economic modelling, 90, August, pp. 288-301, 2020. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.econmod.2020.05.015.

3. On Stability of Efficient Cartel Mechanisms in First-Price Auctions with Uninformed Bidders with Xiaoyong Cao and Wei Wang, Economic Letters, 187, 2020, 108918. DOI:10.1016/j.econlet.2019.108918.

4. On the Ratifiability of Efficient Cartel Mechanisms in First-Price Auctions with Participation Costs and Information Leakage with Xiaoyong Cao and Guoqiang Tian, Oxford Economic Papers, 2019, gpz070. DOI:10.1093/oep/gpz070.

5. Happiness or hopelessness in late life: A double-blinded cluster RCT of the 3L-Mind-Training programme among the institutionalized older people,with Yi-Chen Chiang and Chun-Yang Lee, Journal of Advanced Nursing (JCR Q1<5%), 76, pp. 312-323, 2020. DOI:10.1111/jan.14104.

6. The Qualitative Properties of Symmetric Open-loop Nash Equilibria in the State-Control Dynamic System in Differential Games, with Chen Ling, Asian Journal of Control, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 1769-1781, September 2018. DOI: 10.1002/asjc.1700.

Working Papers:

1. The Impact of Political Connections on Land Transfer with Xiaoyong Cao, Zhuojun Chen and Shuoxun Zhang
2. The Impact of Auction and ``Two-stage'' Auction on Bidders' Collusion with Xiaoyong Cao and Lingzi Liu
3. Effect of Internal Volatility on Hedging and Safe-Haven Attributes of Stocks, Bonds, U.S. dollar and Gold with Meng-Shiuh Chang
4. Auctions with Interdependent Values on Reserve Price and Risk-averse Bidders with Xiaoyong Cao and Chen Ling
5. First Price Auctions with Private Entry with Xiaoyong Cao
6. Participation Constraints in First-Price Auctions with Xiaoyong Cao and Guoqiang Tian
7. Differentiate Collusive Mechanism with the Government
8. Market Share and Innovation: Evidence from China's Wealth Management Product Market with Liming Hou and Shuoxun Zhang
9. Digital Payments and Households' Consumption with Liming Hou and Shuoxun Zhang
10. The Effects of Military Defense Expenditure on an R&D-Based Endogenous Growth Model with Chien-Yu Huang
11. Disparities in health characteristics and health-related resource utilization by generation among the 2013-2017 national internal migrants in China with Yi-Chen Chiang and Chun-Yang Lee
12. Factors influencing younger internal migrants' life satisfaction and psychological distress Mediating effect of social participation and city belonging, with Yi-Chen Chiang and Chun-Yang Lee

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71871195, Member.
2. The Ministry of Education of China. 16YJC790116, Principle Investigator.
3. National Natural Science Foundation of China,  71403223, Main member.