Feng, Zhenghui

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Statistics, Ph. D. in Statistics, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2012




Office Hours:Tuesday 14:30-16:30

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Research interests:
Statistical Theory, Dimension Reduction, Functional Data Analysis, Model Estimation

Education Background:
Ph. D. Statistics, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2009- 2012;
M. S. Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Beijing Normal University, 2006-2009;
B. S. Statistics, Beijing Normal University, 2002-2006;
B.A. Double Degree in Business Administration, Beijing Normal University, 2006.

Advanced Econometrics I
Categorical Data Analysis

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【2】Zhenghui Feng and Lixing Zhu (2011). An alternating determination-optimization approach for an additive multi-index model. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Vol.56, 1981-1993.

【3】Zhenghui Feng, Xuerong Maggie Wen, Zhou Yu and Lixing Zhu (2013). On partial sufficient dimension reduction with applications to partially linear multi-index models, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol 108, 237-246.

【4】Jun Zhang, Zhenghui Feng* and Bu Zhou (2014). A revisit to correlation analysis for distortion measurement error data, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Vol. 124, 116-129.

【5】Zhenghui Feng, Tao Wang and Lixing Zhu (2014). Transformation-based estimation. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Vol, 78, 186-205.

【6】Jun Zhang, Zhenghui Feng*, Peirong Xu (2015). Estimating the conditional single-index error distribution with a partial linear mean regression. TEST. Published online 23 August 2014. Vol. 24, Number 1, 61-83.

【7】Jun Zhang and Zhenghui Feng*(2017). Partial linear single-index models with additive distortion measurement errors. Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, Vol. 46(24), 12165-12193.

【8】Jun Zhang, Zhenghui Feng* and Xiaoguang Wang(2018). A constructive hypothesis test for single-index models with two groups. Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 70(5), 1077-1114.


【9】Jun Zhang, Zhenghui Feng, Heng Peng (2018). Estimation and Hypothesis Test for Partial Linear Multiplicative Models. CSDA, 128, 87-103.


【10】Zhenghui Feng, Lu Lin, Ruoqing Zhu, Lixing Zhu (2020). Nonparametric Varibale Selection and Its Application to Additive Models.  Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Vol. 72, 827-854.


【11】 Feifei Chen, Qing Jiang, Zhenghui Feng, Lixing Zhu (2020). Model Checks for Functional Linear Regression Models Based on Pojected Empirical Processes. CSDA, 144.

Research Projects

[1] 2019.1-2022.12 NSFC No.11871409 "Model Checking for Functional Regression Models with Single-Index Structure: A Model Adaptive Method", 500,000RMB

[2] 2017.4.1-2020.4.1 Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province No.2017J01006 “Study on Density Estimation using Variable Selection”, 20,000RMB

[3] 2017.1.1-2019.12.30 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities No. 20720171025 “Estimating Functional Multi-Category Classification Model and Its Application to Air Quality Index Prediction”, 100,000RMB

[4] 2016.1-2019.12 NSFC China No.71571154A Panel-Data Based Policy Evaluation Approach: Econometric Theory and Applications, Member

[5] 2014.1-2016.12 NSFC China No.11301434 “Direct Variable Selection and Estimation in High Dimensional Nonparametric Models (additive and multi-index additive models)” 230,000RMB. 


Teaching Projects

[1] 2019.9-2020.9 Hybrid Teaching of Xiamen University, 20,000 RMB.

[1] 2018.9-2019.9 Online Open Course of Fujian Province (FOOC)/ First Class Course.

[2] 2017.9.1- 2019.9.1 Teaching Funding of Xiamen University, 16,000RMB

[3] 2017.6.1- 2017.12.31  Teaching Funding of Xiamen University, Open Asscess by Internet, Categorical Data Analysis 100,000RMB

[4] 2016.9.1-2019.7.30 Experimental Teaching Foundation of School of Economics: Categorical Data Analysis, 20,000RMB



David Iheke Okore,  International Master 2015.9-2017.6

Amanda rumbidzaishe Bakasa,  International Master 2016.9-2018.11

Kaiqi Zhang, Master, 张凯琦 专硕,2015.9-2018.6

Jia Zhu, Master, 朱佳,学硕,2015.9-2018.6

Xinyi Wang, Master, 王心怡,学硕,2016.9-2019.6

Wanying Mu, Master, 穆婉莹,专硕,2016.9-2019.6

Zhengyu Chen, Master, 陈正宇,专硕,2017.9- 2020.6

Hanli Jiang, Master, 蒋含梨,专硕  2018.9-

Qi Lin, Master, 林琦,专硕  2018.9-

Jie Xue, Master,薛洁,学硕,2019.9-

Yuchun Pu, Master,濮于淳,专硕,2019.9-

Xiaodan Hong, Master,洪晓丹,专硕,2020.9-

Mingming Zhao, Master,赵明明,学硕,2020.9-