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English Education Overview

WISE focuses on high-quality economics and finance education, frontier research, and intensive international academic exchanges and cooperation. With excellent faculty members recruited from top overseas universities, all academic programs are conducted in English at the international standard. Current programs cover a wide range of degrees and majors with some international master degree programs targeting international students commencing this year.  
Degree programs at WISE
Double bachelor programs
(2 years for undergraduate students at
Xiamen University as a second major.)
Economics  |  Finance  |  Statistics
Master programs
Applied Track I*
(2 years for Chinese students)
 · WISE-Monash MBE I
Academic Track
(3 years except WISE-Monash MBE II is 2 to 2.5 years.)
 · Western Economics
 · Quantitative Economics
 · Finance
 · Labor Economics
 · Statistics
 · Regional Economics
 · WISE-Monash MBE II**
Applied Track II
(2 years for International students forthcoming.)
 · MAF
 · MBE
PhD programs
(4 years)
 · Western Economics
 · Quantitative Economics
 · Finance
 · Labor Economics
 · Statistics
 · Regional Economics
* Applied Track I programs are for Chinese students who spend their first year at WISE and their second year abroad at one of our partner universities: Singapore Management University (SMU), Kent State University (KSU), or Monash University. The degree titles are Master of Science in Applied Finance (MAF), Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE) and Master of Business Economics (MBE) respectively.
** The WISE-Monash MBE joint program offers a second academic track.