China's fiscal policy and balance sheet analysis

主讲人: Raphael Lam

W. Raphael Lam is the IMF Deputy Resident Representative for China. He has previously worked on the China and Japan team in the Asia and Pacific Department. He also participated in the IMF’s lending program to Iceland during the global financial crisis. He has written research papers on China, including real estate, labor market, and government finances. His previous research also covered Japan’s monetary policy and financial sector issues, as well as regional financial integration in Asia.?

主持人: Qian Han
时间: 2018-10-26(Friday)16:40-18:00
地点: N302, Econ Building
期数: 富邦金融与产业论坛第2018年秋季学期第二讲(总第28讲)
主办单位: 厦门大学经济学院、王亚南经济研究院
承办单位: 厦门大学富邦两岸金融与产业研究中心
类型: 系列讲座

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