Alumni placements and working experience worldwide after WISE&SOE


Renato Aguilar (Ecuador)

In 2016, he graduated from Xiamen University with a Master in Economics in International Trade. He is now working at Xiamen C&D (厦门建发) company, which is a state-owned company with different subsidiaries in different sectors. C&D commodities are one of these subsidiaries trading agricultural commodities. For the moment he is travelling and he is currently located both at Xiamen and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Renato is working as the South America Regional Representative and among his principal functions are developing trade/business opportunities in South America, mainly Brazil. Also, he frequently visits ports, suppliers and other parties involved in the trade business to find the best ways to trade commodities. He thinks that his course in International Trade is one with the strongest connections with his current job. Most of the time he has to deal with terms and concepts linked to trade. He would recommend SOE for majors in Economics, because the time with his friends and living on campus was like living in a small community with people from over around the world, and this is what makes the greatest experience and nowadays everybody is all apart in different parts of the world but still connected.


Faustyna Gawryluk (Poland)

In 2016, Faustyna received her Master in Economics in International Trade. Before she graduated she found a job opportunity as Business Development Manager in Zhongshan/Guangzhou (China) at RTJ Taste. Her company is one of the biggest European meat products manufacturers in China. RTJ Tastes Ltd related group of companies own European production lines and distributions centers, with all the international qualifications and certificates. They pride themselves on practical knowledge and a dedication to the products of the highest standards. RTJ Taste provide highest standard cured meat products to China’s best 5 stars hotels, high-quality restaurants, catering companies and many more. Among her principal functions are to create new project strategies, identify new sales channels and ideas, review timeframes and budgets while she need to execute sales objectives and negotiating sales contracts. She also manages relationships with sales representatives, team leaders and managers, and executives to evaluate sales strategy and results. She believes that the time spent in SOE was one of the best periods of her life. Faustyna especially misses talking to professors and classmates as much as the continuous intellectual challenge that they were into. She affirms that when starting a job you usually have to focus more on what your company expects you to do and there is less time to interact with people who might share the same interests or are as diverse as her classmates used to be. Finally, she recommends to study in SOE, because the major of Economics has a very broad application base. This major allows students to understand China and the modern world. Now, her experience working in China after graduating allows her to apply all the knowledge by making statistical analysis and all the learnings in SOE are very useful to understand better Chinese Market and Chinese Economy.


Esteban Suarez (Ecuador-United States)

Esteban graduated from the Master in Economics in Finance in 2016. Esteban studied his bachelor in Economics in the College of Charleston in South Carolina-USA and he saw an opportunity to improve his professional skills by coming to study his master at WISE. Right after graduation, he went back to the USA. Nowadays, he is a Financial Analyst at Equiscript LLC in Charleston-USA. This firm works with eligible covered entities to create and manage a 340B home delivery pharmacy that complements the clients’ existing 340B pharmacy programs. The daily functions of his job includes analyzing the company financials and insurance claim data to find opportunities to generate revenue, regularly updating medical provider’s listings and prescription data, performing ad hoc analysis and creating reports when required. He thinks that the knowledge he learned in the classrooms during his time in SOE was very important; also the financial projects that in groups he had to develop. The main part that he took from his time in WISE, is the research skills that he learned to solve a problem at hand. For WISE, what he missed the most, is the people that he met and the time that we had at WISE and the student life. Esteban would recommend this opportunity to anyone who would like to experience living in another culture and who would benefit from studying with a scholarship and having an international experience. 


Anait Agadzhanian (Russia)

Anait graduated in 2017 as a Master in Economics in Finance. She has a great CV, she speaks Russian, Chinese and English and she found a good opportunity in Xiamen-China after graduation. She is a Sales manager, CIS region at Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry – one of the biggest Chinese coach manufacturers. The functions at job, she is responsible for the export of coaches, public buses and minivans to CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc). She manages the trading part and is in charge of the exportation section. The experience that she had learned in WISE is fruitful because she is applying the knowledge in the actual position. She is grateful for WISE because having been in an international environment brought the ability to work in a multicultural job position. Her work involves a lot of interaction with people from different countries, just like studying in WISE. She was very lucky to know more about teamwork in such a diverse environment. As for academia, she applied some knowledge from the corporate finance and macroeconomic courses when she needs to evaluate a new market, a new company or develop a new product. She highly recommends Xiamen University’s master program in Economics, because it's a unique opportunity to learn from the best professors, get to know many interesting people and enjoy slow-pace South Chinese life.





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