WISE & SOE International Students of the 2017 Class

Class of 2017

   Student Feedback

My two-year stay in Xiamen has been, overall, a wonderful experience.
Firstly, Xiamen University is one of the most renowned universities in China. The international master’s program in WISE-SOE enabled me to go in depth into the field of Economics and International Trade, by studying a wide range of different subjects.  Although it was tough and we were required to do a lot of work, the help of other classmates, friends and professors was invaluable in this challenging learning process. 
Secondly, by studying at WISE-SOE I had the opportunity to learn and share experiences with classmates from all over the world as well as the chance to mingle with Chinese students.
Finally but not least, Xiamen is a great city with a lot to offer. On one hand, it is a very peaceful city, surrounded by beautiful scenery, with many parks, lakes, hills and neighboring islands. On the other hand, there are many activities to join; for example, sports clubs, music concerts, etc. So if you want to pursue your master’s degree in Economics in a great university with a superb environment, Xiamen University is clearly the place to be!
Helena Puig Ferrer. 
Graduating class of 2017
Master of Economics in International Trade

After working for two years in China, I knew that I wanted to pursue my masters at a Chinese university. This was due to China’s growing influence and increasing economic clout on the global stage. I researched many universities, but I decided that Xiamen University would be the best because of its high ranking amongst global and domestic universities and of course for its scenic views as well. During my time at Xiamen University, I have had the opportunity to hone my public speaking ability, to master skills in data analysis using software such as R and Stata, and I have also increased my knowledge of economic and trade theory, while making great friends in the process!
Another perk of attending Xiamen University is that there are also opportunities for internships. During the summer after my first year, I had an internship with 厦门建发集团(Xiamen C&D). There, I was able to gain a working knowledge of conducting market research, handling trade logistics, managing purchasing and selling contracts, and communicating with domestic and international clientele. Overall, the Masters of Economics program at Xiada is comprehensive, engaging, and intellectually stimulating and I know the connections that I’ve made here with professors and classmates will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Xiamen University.
Antonio Jackson
United States of America
Graduating class of 2017
Master of Economics in International Trade

Doing my master's in Xiamen University, was one of the best decisions of my life. During the search for a good university in China I found the University of Xiamen on the internet. At that time I could already see that the university was one of the best in the entire country, especially in the area of economics. Later I could experience this first-hand, when I started doing my Master of Economics in Finance degree. The courses were challenging, but also very interesting. Although the curriculum had an international orientation, we had many cases studies on China-specific issues where we could apply our knowledge in detail. In addition, professors did their best to provide interesting classes and they were always available for any questions that I had.
I also had the opportunity to learn the Chinese language which is a great advantage in daily life, since it helped me to understand the culture and to integrate into Chinese society more quickly. The Chinese culture is so rich, that there is always more to experience.
I also enjoyed working with my classmates. Students from each and every continent were represented in my cohort which highly enriched my experience in China, since one was always introduced to different styles of approaching a new challenge. Besides that it was great fun doing all kinds of activities with my classmates in Xiamen, since it is a beach-side city with plenty of activities, such as concerts and sport events but also a vibrant night life.  I can say that I made plenty of new friends for life in this fun city!
I am grateful for the time that I spent in Xiamen, since it opens a whole new world for me. It never got boring while I was there!
Andreas Thull
Graduating class of 2017
Master of Economics in Finance

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