WISE-SOE Orientation for International Master’s Program Students (2016)

 The fall academic semester has started and Xiamen University is pleased again to welcome thousands of Chinese students from all over China and more than 500 foreign students from across the globe.
For the Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE) and the School of Economics ( SOE), September 13th was Orientation Day. Activities started early in the morning with an impressive Opening Ceremony for new students, where Professor Yongmiao Hong, along with faculty members, warmly welcomed the new students and introduced the university and the economics institutes within.
New students then attended the second meeting of the day, “How to thrive at WISE and SOE”. Professor Brett Graham, Director of the WISE-SOE International Masters Programs, Ms. Lin Lin, the coordinator of the programs and Mr. Marco Daccarett, a student assistant for new international students gave them a brief introduction about the academic programs, administrative procedures and life in Xiamen University.
At 14:30 traditional Chinese tea was served during an informal gathering of faculty and students, old and new, for a chance to know each other better, disperse knowledge, and reunite after the summer break.
The day passed with many new and old faces connecting and reconnecting but throughout the day, a positive energy radiated from the meetings with everybody excited and nervous for the upcoming fall semester in Xiamen University.
By Marco Daccarett - Student Assistant
Master of Economics in International trade

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