Gregory and Paula Chow Center for Economic Research Founded

On November 14th, Xiamen University formally established the Gregory and Paula Chow Center for Economic Research. The goal of the foundation is to train world leading economists, with a focus on China's economy and economic policy, to produce international first-class results and to become a leading economic academic exchange center for the cross-Straits and Asia.  
The center, which will have capacity for up to twenty faculty members, will include teaching and research.  Initially it will hire faculties from the School of Economics and the Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics as dual, full-time hires and well-known domestic and foreign scholars as part-time or visiting professors.
Additionally, world-renowned economist Gregory Chow has decided to donate $10 million to set up the “Gregory and Paula Chow Foundation for Education in Economics”, to further promote the development of economics education in China and, specifically, in Xiamen University. The funds for the Gregory and Paula Chow Foundation of Education in Economics comes mainly from three sources; Professor Chow and his wife Paula Chow, Chinese economics education enthusiasts and Xiamen University supporting funds. Paula Chow’s first donation has already been received. The funds will be used for the running the center and launching various academic activities.
The objective of the center is to set up a world-class education and research institution and improve the internalization and modernization of the economics discipline at Xiamen University. The center, the School of Economics and the Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics will send a recruitment team to the 2017 ASSA Annual Meeting. The center is already prepared to launch a series of high level academic activities. The Xiamen University economics discipline will take this as an opportunity to attract students from world-famous universities, strengthen the existing international academic cultural, and push for the comprehensive development of the economic discipline. The center’s recruitment covers theoretical economics, applied economics, statistics and all associated sub-disciplines. The center welcomes aspiring young economics students to join the center to create a better tomorrow.
By Qingwei Cui (School of Economics)
Translated by Lin Lin (International Masters Program Office)

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