International Student Experiences - Class of 2015

Coming to Xiamen University has been a really positive experience for me. I can say many foreigners that I met during my time here have echoed this sentiment. It's simply a welcoming and international city, and the university has been top class in welcoming the foreign students as well. I have heard a number of students from other faculties who have had issues with the quality of the programs, but I can definitely say for WISE and SOE programs, both the programs, facilities and the teachers are of a very high quality.
Xiamen is a very beautiful city, and I am sure of this after travelling to numerous cities across China. It has a high standard of living, very modern and very green. The air quality is great, and the only bad thing is probably the mosquitoes and the stifling hot weather during the summer months. The increasing number of foreign students coming here is probably the biggest proof that the comments from people who have been here were greatly positive. 
As for the studies in Xiamen University, I can only comment on the English program as this is the one I've personally experienced. It's not too different to other studies, where hard work and time management is key. A special thing I would like to highlight is the myth that we can simply learn Chinese by being in China. I find that this has been far from the truth. Most foreign students don’t return to their home countries having significantly improved their Chinese. This is likely because it’s very easy to get by everyday here without speaking much Chinese. If most of your friends are foreigners, simple Chinese will get you by most of the time. There are many Chinese students who are also good at English and so using English is almost entirely sufficient. This can be both a blessing and a curse, and is something to note.
Overall, the experience has been memorable. It is probably because I didn’t expect so much prior to coming here, but the entire experience has been full of fond memories and friendships. I hope more people can experience this place that is Xiamen University, and if they do, there is will most likely be an experience filled with learning, self-discovery and most importantly, laughter.
—— Jeffry Susanto from Indonesia, Master of Economics in International Trade

For me, coming to China is a dream come true, as I have always wanted to pursue my postgraduate study outside of my home country. This desire was fueled by the yearning to learn from and interact with people from different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and orientation. The WISE International Masters’ program not only afforded me this rare opportunity; it also provided me with the requisite skills and knowledge I need to succeed in life.
I would describe my stay at Xiamen University (XMU) in one word, “superb”. The experiences and knowledge I gleaned from XMU is matchless. The easygoing and lovable professors made learning a lot easier. Every professor has office hours aimed at addressing students’ questions and difficulties. More so, the students are friendly and synergize to bring out the best in one another.
As most people agree, Economics is a challenging subject. Economics at WISE is no exception. However, studying at WISE is relatively less arduous, given the conducive and favorable milieu. With determination, hard work and perseverance one can sail smoothly through WISE.  I would unequivocally say that coming to WISE was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The balance of education and fun is breathtaking. Group trips are organized to help students better understand and appreciate Chinese culture and traditions. 
Finally, to those contemplating whether to come to China because of the language, I would state confidently that lack of prior knowledge of the Chinese language would not be a barrier to effectively studying in China. Chinese people are welcoming, warmhearted and solicitous towards foreigners.
—— Jennifer Uju Okonkwo from Nigeria, Master of Economics in Quantitative Economics

Xiamen University is the right place for those who want to learn more than what’s on the syllabus. As a student, you can experience a rapidly developing country with change and opportunities all around you. You will note a sense of optimism and entrepreneurship when you talk to fellow Chinese students and when you visit the little shops and cafes opening up everywhere in Xiamen. For me, this atmosphere made my stay in Xiamen a very memorable one, and it also motivated me in my studies because I wanted to be a part of it.
Xiamen University is not only a place where you can find excellent conditions for attaining your Master’s degree, but it is also a great starting point for those who want to seize the great business opportunities China has to offer. In my case, for example, the University was very supportive in helping me to do an unpaid summer internship in China. Moreover, the Chinese and international professors at WISE and SOE always found time to answer my questions and to help me understand issues beyond the textbook level. Just like the professors, my fellow students were from many countries all around the world. Discussing economic matters as well as everyday issues with teachers and friends from highly diverse cultural backgrounds was, for me, the most beneficial aspect of my two years as a student at SOE. My perspective on many issues as well as my way of approaching tasks was challenged constantly, and in my opinion, making students think outside the box is one of the foremost tasks of any university. Xiamen University fully lived up to that. Generally, classes were well taught and up-to-date textbooks were used. One of the first things I realized when I entered the classroom on my first day was the technological equipment, which meets high standards. This helps to make learning easier, too.
I want to add that living in China can be a challenge at times. But there is no problem which university staff are not willing to assist you with. And looking back, I can say that every time I overcame a challenge, I got to know the Chinese culture a little better and learnt the language a little more. Above all, I think that by living and studying in Xiamen, I have learnt a lot about myself, too. This is much more than what I hoped for when I enrolled at SOE, and I am very grateful for this experience. So if you want to learn more than what’s on the syllabus, I encourage you to apply to Xiamen University.
——Severin E. from Germany, Master of Economics in International Trade 

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