International Student Experiences - Class of 2014

International Student Experiences - Class of 2014

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I still remember the day when I received my letter of admission from Xiamen University. But I also remember people asking me “Why China?!” as my country, Georgia, is located in Eastern Europe. I admit that coming to China was a brave decision, but the day you meet with China - if you fall in love, it lasts forever.

China is the place where economics beats fastest, which is one of the most important reasons why I wanted to study economics here. I am glad that I had the chance to study in the WISE International Master’s Programs, which is one of the best institutes of economics research in China and a dream for many Chinese students. Additionally I was able to spend two years in one of the world’s most beautiful universities with its amazing campus and wonderful landscapes. As my master’s program was designed for international students, my classmates came from all around the world, which made the program even more interesting. During these years we were able to share not only our knowledge and experience, but to share our culture, make friends and enjoy lots of wonderful memories. The program I chose was Western Economics, and as a suggestion to those who are planning to apply for this program, make sure you have a strong mathematical background. The last year was full of challenges and difficulties for me, but I’m happy I had amazing professors and faculty members, who enabled me to graduate on time.

I remember one of my Chinese classmates asked me “what’s the difference between European and Asian countries?” After two years spent in China I can definitely say Europe is beautiful while Asia is breathtaking. Every day is a discovery here, discovery of amazing culture and people with all its traditions and history. My advice to future XMU students: learn as much as you can about China; find at least one real Chinese friend - because this friendship will last forever; eat more local food; and of course get ready to study a lot!!!

—— Nona Songulashvili from Georgia, Master of Economics in Western Economics

Aside from Xiamen University being one of the better universities in China, I chose to come here because I heard from many people that it is one of the most comfortable cities in China to live in. Upon arriving, I realized that it had lived up to my high expectations. I have traveled to many cities in China, and although traveling to major cities like Shanghai and Beijing can be fun, I could not see myself living anywhere else but Xiamen. The laid back, coastal city atmosphere combined with good weather and relatively clear air has made my time here very comfortable. Xiamen is also in a convenient location to see beautiful scenery outside of the city and visit many tourist destinations with rich heritage.

Xiamen University itself is a beautiful place to be. Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful campus and I’m sad that, upon graduating, I won’t have the opportunity to visit it on a regular basis. Studying at Xiamen University has given me the opportunity to share an experience with people from all over the world. I have had the pleasure to meet and learn from a diverse group of people. I would say I have learned just as much outside of the classroom from my peers as I have from the faculty at Xiamen University. Since studying abroad during my undergraduate degree, I have understood the importance of being exposed to different cultures, and the WISE program has given me the opportunity to meet people from almost every continent of the world. The diverse faculty at Xiamen University have given me an interest in economics that I did not expect to find. I now see economics as a tool for understanding issues both within and outside of economics. Other classes within the program have given me a better understanding of many dimensions of China that had once been a mystery to me from politics to culture.

To conclude, I would highly recommend the WISE-SOE International Master’s Program to prospective students looking to study economics in China. I believe the quality of the university and city is a hard combination to better anywhere else in China.

—— Philip Nagele from the US, Master of Economics in International Business

China nowadays has become one of the most popular destinations for many international students to study abroad, not only because of its long history and exciting culture that makes China so attractive, but also because of the high-quality education that China is investing in by developing first class universities.

From my experience, studying in China is an excellent opportunity that should never be missed; it will help you to discover the world’s most populous country. I found China a unique blend of ancient and modern civilization and culture; it takes you from huge modern cities full of scenic beauty and bustling nightlife to great mountains full of temples and ancient villages. Visiting these places with other students from different countries will give you the feeling of seeing not only China, but the whole world.

The academic qualifications of degree programs in majors awarded by Chinese universities such as science, medicine and economics are highly venerable. China also will provide you the opportunity to study degree programs taught in English while you can learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world which will make your resume one of the more preferred in a competitive career market.

For me, studying a master’s degree in international business was a big challenge, as my bachelor degree was veterinary medicine, which of course has nothing to do with economy. I found myself between two choices: either to do it perfectly or leave it quietly! But nothing is impossible; there were many things which helped me to finish my mission; the cost of studying in China is much more reasonable compared to other countries in Europe, Asia or America, particularly if a student receives a full scholarship. Xiamen University represented by WISE, is ranked one of the top universities in economics. It also offers awards to the best-performing students. Professors are great and books are available everywhere, so there are no difficulties to learning. And the last thing is time; I believe with good time management there is time for stuffy and fun. As a master student, I have learned how precisely to manage my time and to do everything exactly on time!

Studying in China can be absolutely bracing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to choose China as your study abroad destination. Even though my semester is done, and the dream is over, there is still a yearning to come back again!

Finally, I would like to dedicate my success to my mother, my wife and my daughters, who have always stood by me and dealt with all of my absence from many family occasions with a smile.

—— Robar Jibrin from Jordan, Master of Economics in International Business

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