Welcome Meeting for 2013 WISE-SOE International Master Students

As I prepared to leave America to venture back to my activity-packed life in China at Xiamen University, I was excited about the prospect of meeting and interacting with new students entering the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs. 

The first week of life at a new university is filled with challenges. WISE and SOE understand these difficulties adapting to a new culture, so they incorporate many activities to help the new students adjust. For example, one of the most stressful issues is how to find accommodation. WISE and SOE eliminate much of this stress by organizing experienced students to assist with this problem. 

As a student assistant, I looked forward to playing my part in helping these students adapt. And my itinerary was filled with various new student orientation events in the first week of the new semester. 

The first item on the agenda was the welcome meeting. This meeting provided essential knowledge and advice on how to navigate and succeed in the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs. The students were given an overview of the programs as well as tips on how to prosper as a student with effective study habits. Moreover, there was a section where current students were able to share their experience at WISE and SOE. As a current second year international master student, I gave the students insight on how to take advantage of the opportunities that this program has to offer. 


Directly following the welcome meeting was a morning tea gathering at the Eco Cafe, housed in the beautiful Economics building near the west gate of the Xiamen University campus. 

The next day I hosted a campus tour for the new students where I outlined important buildings on campus and different areas where they can study and interact with fellow students from other departments and all over the world. 

The following day, WISE hosted a welcome dinner where approximately 30 WISE faculty members, 60 international graduate students, 60 domestic graduate students and 40 undergraduate students attended. 

Overall, I believe the new student orientation was a fulfilling experience for everyone involved and a great success in smoothing the transition for students into their new life in the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs at Xiamen University. 


(Fendi Bentley-Townsend, class of 2014 student of WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs)

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