Winners of the First "Cross-Strait Futures and Options Trading Competition" Announced

The results from Xiamen and Taiwan's first "Cross-Straight Futures and Options Trading Competition" were announced at the awards ceremony on June 28, 2012. The competition, which was successfully held at Xiamen University (XMU) from May 14 to June 1, brought together some of the brightest young minds in a simulated trading competition to enhance the spirit of innovation and applied knowledge in financial transactions and trading strategies. The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Econometrics and co-organized by Xiamen University School of Economics (SOE), Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE), Feng Chia University College of Finance, and Taiwan's Fubon Futures.
The final rankings of teams were based on the evaluations of a panel of judges comprising members from XMU and Feng Chia University. In first place were Du Qingying and Shen Wenfeng from Feng Chia University. Tied for second place were Wang Xiaowei, Xia Yan and Duan Rang's team from XMU's School of Chemical Engineering and Ding Chunhui, Yu Jinyang, Hu Mengdi and Chang Bin's team from the WISE of XMU. Tied for the third place were Lin Chenyou and Liu Xinru's team from Feng Chia University, Guo Wei, Chen Jia and Chen Jing's team from XMU and a team consisting of Xing Yizhi and Yan Jiayu from Feng Chia University. The winners from the competition were awarded monetary prizes as well as internship opportunities with Fubon Futures.
Among those in attendance at the ceremony were WISE Professor and Event Chair Chen Haiqiang, Xiamen University Vice-President Wu Daguang, Feng Chia University Vice-Chairman Gao Chengshu, Feng Chia University College of Finance Dean Dong Shuqi, Taiwan's Fubon Futures Chairman Yang Junhong and WISE Vice-President Chen Guojin.
The first "Cross-Straight Futures and Options Trading Competition" is a milestone for promoting cross-strait academic exchanges between mainland China and Taiwan. Xiamen University and Feng Chia University will continuously work to promote student participation in and enhance the scope of future academic competitions to strengthen cross-strait academic ties.
                                                                          (WISE & WOX TEAM)

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