Meng, Lei

Associate Professor



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Ph.D. Economics and International Affairs, University of California, San Diego, 2009.
B.A. Economics, Cornell University, 2002.

Academic Position
Xiamen University
Associate Professor, WISE, Aug 2018 - Present
Assistant Professor, WISE, 2009 - July 2018

Research Interests
Primary Fields: Labor Economics, Economy of China
Secondary Fields: Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Professional Activities
Research Fellow, IZA, 2010 to present

Meng, Lei. 2012. “Can Grain Subsidies Impede Rural-Urban Migration in Hinterland China? Evidence from Field Surveys.” China Economic Review, 23(3): 729-741.

Meng, Lei, Minqiang Zhao, and Dewi Silvany Liwu. 2016. Joint Migration Decisions of Married Couples in Rural China.” China Economic Review, 38:285-305.


Meng, Lei, and Minqiang Zhao. 2018. "Permanent and Temporary Rural–Urban Migration in China: Evidence from Field Surveys." China Economic Review, 51, 228-239. 


Meng, Lei. 2019. "Permanent Migration Desire of Chinese Rural Residents: Evidence from Field Surveys, 2006 - 2015. " China Economic Review, DOI: 10.1016/j.chieco.2019.01.001.

Meng, Lei, and Minqiang Zhao. 2019. "Bride Drain: An Unintended Consequence of China's Urban-Rural Divide." Labour Economics, 58, 69-80.