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December  18 (Wednesday) Angela Lu
Reputation games: Surviving online rating imbalances
November  26 (Tuesday) Yunqi Zhang
Assistant Professor, School of Finance, Nankai University Upload/File/2019/11/20191120111918205.pdf
How Does Equity Market Efficiency affect Economic Cycles via Household Credit expansion? An Empirical Evidence
 25 (Monday) Richard Arnott
Professor, University of California, Riverside Upload/File/2019/11/2019112310102225.pdf
A Cyclic Network of Signalized Intersections
 22 (Friday) Yongheng Deng
Yongheng Deng, the Special-Term Professor of Finance at Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan Universi...
Evaluating the Conditions of Chinese Housing Markets: What We Know and What We Need to Know
 14 (Thursday) Mi Dai
Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University. http://maxdo.bnu.edu.cn/szdw/gjjjymyzyjs/214847.html
Exports and Rural Economic Development: Micro-evidence from China
September  15 (Sunday) Jeffrey Cooper
Jeffrey (Jeff) Cooper is the Executive Director of the Richard Petritz Foundation, a private foundation of Col...
Informal Risk Capital and "Angel" Investing
June  20 (Thursday) Sebastian Galiani
Assessing External Validity
May  30 (Thursday) Qihong Liu
Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma. Upload/File/2019/5/20190523024935587.pdf
Airline Fuel Hedging and Ticket Prices
 20 (Monday) Thomas G. Rawski
Electricity as a Window on China's Economy
 13 (Monday) Jia Yan
Professor (with tenure), Washington State University. Upload/File/2019/4/20190423044456618.pdf
 9 (Thursday) Shigeto Kitano
Professor,Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration (RIEB),Kobe University, JAPAN More i...
Gains from Policy Cooperation in Capital Controls and Financial Market Incompleteness
 6 (Monday) Kee Youn Kang
Kee Youn Kang is an assistant professor at the Department of Finance, School of Business, Yonsei University. H...
Cryptocurrency, Delivery lag, and Double spending history
April  29 (Monday) PeiLin Hsieh, Xiaoran Huang, Jingrui Xu, Mengmeng Ao, Ming Gu
Introduction to financial research
 28 (Sunday) Jianpo Xue
Dr. Jianpo Xue is an Associate Professor and the Deputy Head of Department of Public Finance at School of Fina...
Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Stability
 25 (Thursday) Rong Li
Associate Professor, Renmin University of China. http://sf.ruc.edu.cn/info/1241/8097.htm
Estimating local fiscal multipliers using political connections
 15 (Monday) Weixuan Zhu, Chunlin Wang, Huihui Li, Huanjun Zhu
Introduction to Economic Field Series Seminar:Statistics & Econometrics
 11 (Thursday) 鹿涛
Statistical Methods for High-Dimensional ODEs with Application to Dynamic Network Modeling
March  28 (Thursday) Inácio Bó
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at WZB Berlin Social Science Center. Dr. Bo's CV:Upload/File/2019/3/2019032206525...
Designing Heaven's Will: Lessons in Market Design from the Chinese Imperial Civil Servants Match
 25 (Monday) Keqing Liu, Linlin Niu, Dingming Liu, Hao Jin, Diyue Guo
Introduction to Economic Field Series Seminar:Macroeconomics
 21 (Thursday) Wiebke Szymczak
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Durham University (UK). Dr. Szymczak's CV: Upload/File/2019/3/201903071152492...
Income uncertainty and retirement savings in different pension systems: An experimental study
 18 (Monday) Sifan Zhou, Kai Li, Xiaofang Dong, Xiaolu Zhou, Yang Yue
Introduction to Economic Field Series Seminar:Applied Microeconomics Field
 14 (Thursday) Yukihiko Funaki
Professor of School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. Prof. Funaki's CV: Upload/File/2019...
Unstructured Bargaining Experiment on Three-person Cooperative Games
 7 (Thursday) Chang Ma
Assistant Professor of Finance, Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University. Prof. Ma's CV: Uploa...
Domestic Institutions and the Volatility of International Capital Flows
February  28 (Thursday) Sen Chai
Associate Professor of Management, ESSEC Business School. Prof. Chai's CV: Upload/File/2019/2/2019022205005879...
Temporary Colocation and Collaborative Discovery