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November  23 (Thursday) Benteng Zou
Associate Professor in Economics, CREA- University of Luxembourg. He earned his PhD. of Economics from Univers...
To Migrate With or Without Ones' Children in China - That is the Question
 16 (Thursday) Eik Swee
Senior Lecturer(with tenure) at Department of Economics, University of Melbourne. He earned his PhD of Economi...
Is Happiness Really a Warm Gun? The Consequences of US Weapons Sales for Political Violence
October  16 (Monday) Chen Xiong
Ph. D. student at WISE
Bank Balance Sheet and the Optimal Financial Stabilization Policy
 12 (Thursday) Junjian Yi
Assistant Professor at Department of Economics, National University of Singapore, he gets his Ph. D. of Econom...
Mobile Appointment App and Streamlined Medical Service: A Successful Case from China
September  21 (Thursday) Christopher Woolnough
Assistant Professor in Microeconomics, Section AE1 Department of Economics, Maastrichut University, The Nether...
Incentivizing effort through information disclosure
June  1 (Thursday) Shaofeng Xu
Shaofeng Xu is a Senior Economist in the Monetary Policy and Financial Studies Division of the Canadian Econom...
Optimal House Acquisition with Stochastic Income
May  26 (Friday) Neil Pearson
Professor of Finance, College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is an Associate Ed...
Evidence about Bubble Mechanisms: Precipitating Event, Feedback Trading, and Social Contagion
 18 (Thursday) Fudong Zhang
Prof. Fudong Zhang is Assistant Professor at PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University. He holds Ph.D. of Eco...
Inequality and House Price
 16 (Tuesday) 茅家铭
宾夕法尼亚州立大学经济学博士,厦门大学王亚南经济研究院助理教授,主要研究领域为:Applied Microeconomics, Labor ...
Information choice and political polarization
 11 (Thursday) Jie Li
Jie Li, is an Associate Professor at Chinese Academy of Finance and Development, Central University of Finance...
Processing Trade Regime as a Means of Hedging Against the Risks of Currency Appreciation
 4 (Thursday) Kukmo Jung
Prof. Jung is an Assistant Professor at Division of International Studies, Hanyang University. He holds PhD of...
Uncertainty-Induced Dynamic Inefficiency and the Optimal Inflation Rate
April  27 (Thursday) Qu Tang
An assistant professor at Institute for Economic and Social Research(IESR), Jinan University. She holds PhD fr...
Temperature Effects on Human Capital: Evidence from College Entrance Examination in China
 20 (Thursday) Jing Li
Jing Li is an assistant professor at School of Economics, Singapore Management University. She is also a resea...
Housing Upgrading in Urban Redevelopment
 13 (Thursday) Jun Zhang
Jun Zhang is a associate professor and ARC Research Fellow in Economics Discipline Group, School of Business,U...
Optimal Contest Design with Incomplete Information: The Role of Negative Prizes
March  28 (Tuesday) Stefano Moncada
Stefano Moncada has been working since November 2008 with the University of Malta, at the Institute for Europe...
Climate Change and Economic Development in Small Island Developing States
 23 (Thursday) Yangbo Song
Assistant Professor, School of Management and Economics, CUHK Shenzhen Yangbo Song'CV
Dynamic R&D Competition under Uncertainty and Strategic Disclosure
February  16 (Thursday) Hirotsugu Uchida
Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island. H...
Balancing the Health Risks and Benefits of Seafood: How Does Available Guidance Affect Consumer Choices?