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Events Seminars   2019 Econometrics


October  25 (Friday) Myoung-Jae Lee
Profeesor, Department of Economics, Korea University. Upload/File/2019/9/20190916031217383.pdf
Simple Instrumental Variable Estimator for Treatment Effects Using Sub-Propensity Score Residuals
September  24 (Tuesday) Brendan K. Beare
Profeesor, The University of Sydney
Geometrically stopped Markovian random growth processes and Pareto tails
 17 (Tuesday) Wolfgang Karl Härdle
Professor, Humboldt University
Data Science & Digital Society
 16 (Monday) Wolfgang Karl Härdle
Professor, Humboldt University
A Dynamic Network Perspective of Cryptocurrencies
May  10 (Friday) Jin Yan
Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong Upload/File/2019/4/20190419102742134.pdf
Semiparametric Identification and Estimation of Multinomial Discrete Choice Models using Error Symmetry
April  12 (Friday) Nianqing Liu
Associate Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Upload/File/2019/4/20190408033622643.pdf
Nonparametric sieve estimation of generalized additive model