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Events Seminars   2014


December  24 (Wednesday) Yinggang Zhou
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School
Quantitative Easing and Volatility Spillovers across Countries and Asset Classes
 18 (Thursday) Guochang Zhao
Research Institute of Economics and Management Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
The Intergenerational Effect of the Chinese Cultural Revolution on Education
 9 (Tuesday) Shujie Yao
University of Nottingham
Has China displaced the outward investments of OECD countries?
 8 (Monday) Adam M. Brandenburger
New York University
How Many Levels Do Players Reason? Observational Challenges and a Solution
 4 (Thursday) Tao (Jonas) Chen
Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University
Does Information Asymmetry Affect Corporate Tax Aggressiveness?
November  27 (Thursday) Travis Ng
the Chinese University of Hong Kong Prof. Travis Ng's CV
The Unintended Consequence of the U.S. Dividend Tax Cut on Non-U.S. Firms
 25 (Tuesday) Andrea Weber
University of Mannheim and IZA
Coworkers, Networks, and Job Search Outcomes
 20 (Thursday) Ryo Okui
Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University
Dynamic Panel Data Analysis when the Dynamics are Heterogeneous
 19 (Wednesday) Gregory C. Chow
Prof. Gregory C. Chow' CV
Introduction to Economics Fields Seminar Series ( No. 6 of 2014-2015 )
 13 (Thursday) Changhua Yu
University International Business and Economics Prof. Changhua Yu' CV
Financial integration and crisis contagion
 12 (Wednesday) Annika Mueller, Xiaojia Bao
Introduction to Economics Fields Seminar Series ( No.5 of 2014-2015 )
 6 (Thursday) Makram El-Shagi
Prof. Makram El-Shagi
Ratings and Returns: Is there a vicious cycle of ratings and risk premia
 5 (Wednesday) Kiho Jeong
School of Economics and Trade Kyungpook National University Korea
Identifying Important parameters in Korean CGE model - an approach combining simulation and regression
October  31 (Friday) Morris Altman
Professor of Behavioural and Institutional Economics Victoria University of Wellington Professor of Economics ...
Some Implications of the Assumption of Insatiable Wants for a Theory of Labor Supply and Public Policy
 31 (Friday) Hai Lin
Associate professor of finance and postgraduate program director School of Economics and Finance Victoria Univ...
Forecasting Corporate Bond Returns: A Regressed Combination Approach
 31 (Friday) Yanan He, Minqiang Zhao
Introduction to Economics Fields Seminar Series ( No.4 of 2014-2015 )
 30 (Thursday) Randall K. Filer
Hunter College/CUNY and IZA
Measuring the Shadow Economy Under Differing Tax Regimes: Endogenous Switching Regressions with Unobserved Separation
 24 (Friday) Changliang Zou
Nankai University
Robust On-line Monitoring Method for Multiple Data Streams
 24 (Friday) Cheryl Long, Jianan Li, He Yang
Introduction to Economics Fields Seminar Series ( No.3 of 2014-2015 )
 21 (Tuesday) Michel Beine
University of Luxembourg
Immigration and Internal Mobility in Canada
 20 (Monday) Jiaming Mao
Assistant Professor, WISE
Heterogeneity, Technical Change, and the Evolution of the U.S. Labor Market
 17 (Friday) Dindming Liu, Luhang Wang
Introduction to Economics Fields Seminar Series ( No.2 of 2014-2015 )
 16 (Thursday) David Ong
Peking University HSBC Business School
Income attraction: An online dating field experiment
 15 (Wednesday) Li-Chuan Tsai , Qian Han, Jiaquan
Introduction to Economics Fields Seminar Series ( No.1 of 2014-2015 )
 14 (Tuesday) Josef Zweimuller
University of Zurich and IZA
"WISE-IZA" Seminar Series: to be announced
September  24 (Wednesday) Dr. Eric Mak
Toronto University
Do Girls Mature Earlier than Boys: The Case of Risky Behaviors
 18 (Thursday) Shuoxun (Hellen) Zhang
Associate Professor, Research Institute of Economics and Management, Southwestern University of Finance and Ec...
Strategic or Non-Strategic: The Role of Financial Benefit in Bankruptcy
 18 (Thursday) Shao-Chien(Jerry) Hsueh
Associate Professor in School of Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
On Ratifiability of Efficient Cartel Mechanisms in First-Price Auctions with Participation Costs and Information Leakage
July  10 (Thursday) Gregory L. Morris
Chairman, Investment Committee Chief Technical Analyst Stadion Money Management
Questionable Practices in Modern Finance
 9 (Wednesday) Assaf Razin
Department of Economics, Cornell University
Banking Crises, Currency Crises, and the Euro-zone Crisis: Analytical View
 4 (Friday) Professor Wolfgang Haerdle
Humboldt University, Germany
TEDAS - Tail Event Driven ASet allocation
June  30 (Monday) Xiaofeng Shao
Associate Professor and LAS Centennial Scholar Department of Statistics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champ...
Martingale Difference Correlation and High Dimensional Feature Screening
 27 (Friday) Justin Lin
Peking University
China's Rise and Structural Transformation in Africa: Ideas and Opportunities
 5 (Thursday) Jijun Tan
Research Institute of Management and Economics Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Experiences and Environmental Preferences: the Case of Beijing Olympics
May  29 (Thursday) Tao Pang
Associate Professor , Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University
Convergence Studies on Monte Carlo Methods for Pricing Mortgage-Backed Securities
 27 (Tuesday) David Neumark
University of California, Irvine
Testing for Age Discrimination
 27 (Tuesday) Wendun Wang
Assistant professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam
To pool or not to pool: Do we really need to make a choice?
 20 (Tuesday) Solomon Polachek
(Binghamton University, New York)
Heterogeneity in the Production of Human Capital
 20 (Tuesday) Peter Murrell
University of Maryland
Misunderestimating Corruption
 19 (Monday) An Yan
Professor of Finance ,Schools of Business ,Fordham University
Stock Liquidity, Mergers, and Valuation
 18 (Sunday) Price Fishback
Professor Fishback is involved in a long-term study of the political economy of Roosevelt’s New Deal...
What Cliometrics Tells Us About Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal During the Great Depression
 18 (Sunday) John Wallis
Professor Wallis is an economic historian who works on the interaction of political and economic development. ...
Leviathan Denied: Rules, Governments, and Social Dynamics
 13 (Tuesday) Peter J. Kuhn
University of California, Santa Barbara
Employers’s Age and Gender Preferences: Direct Evidence from Four Job Boards