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Events Seminars   2018


May  21 (Monday) Allan Hernandez Chanto
Lecturer(Assistant Professor), School of Economics,University of Queensland. Please see Prof. Chanto's CV for ...
Centralized Assignment of Students to Majors: Evidence from the University of Costa Rica
 10 (Thursday) Tao Peng
Associate Professor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Prof. Peng's webpage can be found here:...
Keeping Up with the Zhangs and House Price Dynamics in China
April  27 (Friday) Tailen Hsing
CV: Upload/File/2018/4/20180416041956576.pdf
Modeling and Inference of Local Stationarity
 26 (Thursday) John Quah
Professor of Economics, John Hopkins University. Co-editor, Journal of Mathematical Economics. Please see Prof...
Revealed Price Preference: theory and empirical analysis
 24 (Tuesday) Keqing Liu
Dr. Keqing Liu is the Associate Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Prof. Liu received ...
Overborrowing, Bank Runs and Monetary Policy
 20 (Friday) Ji-Liang Shiu
Please see Prof. Shiu's CV for more information.
Identification of Nonparametric Monotonic Regression Models with Continuous Nonclassical Measurement Errors
 16 (Monday) Junfu Zhang
Please see Prof. Junfu Zhang's CV for more information.
Super Bowl Participation and the Local Economy: Evidence from the Stock Market
 12 (Thursday) Wiroy Shin
Associate Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET) Please see Dr. Shin's C...
Discrimination in Organizations: Optimal Contracts and Regulation
March  27 (Tuesday) Wenlan Qian
Associate Professor of Finance, National University of Singapore. Please see Prof. Qian' CV for more informati...
Housing Booms and Shirking
 26 (Monday) Motohiro Okada
Professor of Economics, Konan University. Please find Prof. Okada's CV for more information.
A Reappraisal of Karl Marx’s views on labour exchange: for the 200th anniversary of his birth
 19 (Monday) Shuo Chen
Professor at Department of Economics, Fudan University. Prof. Shuo Chen's CV: Upload/File/2018/3/2018031503332...
Move to Success? Headquarters Relocation, Political Favouritism, and Corporate Performance
 15 (Thursday) Wei Huang
Dr HUANG Wei is the President’s Assistant Professor in the Department of Real Estate and Department ...
One-Child Policy, Marriage Distortion, and Welfare Loss
 8 (Thursday) Zhiwei Xu
Associate Professor of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Please see Prof. Xu's CV for more information.
Cycles of Credit Expansion and Misallocation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly