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Announcement for EGEI Exchange Opportunities

WISE and School of Economics provide very good opportunities for exchange students under our joint master program with European partner universities, the Master Program in Economics of Globalisation and European Integration (EGEI). In 2019-20, there are 5 quotas for graduate students to visit our EGEI partner universities under the support of the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), which will cover their transportation and living cost during the exchange period.

In 2020 spring, the receiving partner university is University of Cantabria (UC) for a one-semester exchange of our out-going students. 

The following links provide information on UC and the English courses offered in Economics:



UC Key Dates for 2020 Spring Semester (click to download)


And please find out the selection details below:

Targeting students:

1)       Second year MA at WISE or SOE;

2)       Shuo-bo-lian-du students (硕博连读生) in their first year PhD study.

Selection Criteria (click to download)

Documents (click to download) you need to prepare if you are selected (before Nov.7th, please refer to item 4 in the PDF linked).


Application Procedure:
Step 1. Online application

Please complete the online application form at:

 Deadline: October 28, 2019, 11:30 am


Step 2. Hard copy submission for selection

Please submit hard copies of the following documents to N106 Economics Building (postgraduate exchange application)

A. One signed copy of the student statement(click to download)

B. One hard copy of academic transcript printed from the student self-service machine. Please ask your program coordinator to write down your GPA of major courses (专业绩点) or your average major course rank weighted by course credits (专业标准分) (MA or PhD students) on your transcript and sign his/her name.

C. Language certificates or other supporting documents.

Deadline: October 28, 2019


Step3. School Selection

Final result will be announced by October 31, 2019 and students selected can start to prepare the documents needed for CSC to get funding.


Step4. Funding Application

Hard copy submission deadline: November 7, 2019, 17:00

Documents needed

1.       Supervisor recommendation letter with letter head of your school.

2.       See网报说明 Item 4’s requirements).

Online Application TimeNovember 20-21, 2019.



Postgraduate exchange program application
Yang Song | N106 Economics Building | 0592-2189805 |